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Boulevard One At Lowry

Boulevard One, Quebec St, Denver, CO 80220

At Boulevard One, shopping, dining and entertainment are designed to be a local affair.

You’ll walk or cycle on neighborhood paths to reach the Market and your favorite hotspots within The Boulevard at Lowry. Hanging up your car keys is part of the joy of living in a well-connected, urban community.

Schematic designs only. Subject to change.

Kelmore Development, in collaboration with Confluent Development, is planning a vibrant mixed-use area at the northwest corner of E. Lowry Boulevard and Pontiac Street. The five-acre site will contain up to 140,000 square feet of commercial space designed by Norris Design and Open Studio Architecture.

The Boulevard at Lowry will be a popular gathering place for people living and working in East Denver and Lowry. The Boulevard will feature restaurant, retail and office space, including a restaurant sitting on the community park across Lowry Boulevard.

Woven among the boutiques and entertainment venues, you’ll find inviting outdoor seating areas, shared courtyards and landscaping, with the community park right across the street.

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