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Kelmore Development is a local, focused commercial real estate development, management and investment firm located in Centennial, Colorado. With over thirty years of experience in the field, we offer our clients the highest degree of experience in bringing quality commercial real estate projects to market.

The complex nature of real estate investment, acquisition and development demands skillful and experienced management to balance a unique combination of technical ability, creativity and financial resources in the successful creation of quality commercial facilities.  Over the course of its existence, Kelmore has achieved that balance through the development of strategic partnerships and teamwork.


Donald E. Siecke, as owner and investor, formed this real estate development company to provide hands-on control of his partnerships and corporate real estate holdings.  Robert A. Koontz has been a principal partner with Mr. Siecke since 1996.  Kelmore developed some of the first mixed use retail and entertainment projects in Colorado.  Having been involved in retail, residential and commercial development in Colorado for over 40 years, Kelmore measures development strength in simple terms; Results.  Striking the right balance between the owners’, tenants’, and investors’ goals is of paramount importance.  This balance is best achieved within a small, experienced group.  Kelmore has formed close alliances with select consultants and other professionals, each specializing in key aspects of this complex problem-solving process.


Kelmore and its affiliated companies have developed more than 250 acres within Denver’s southeast I-25 corridor. Kelmore’s tenant and project user registry currently includes Regal Theaters, Celebrity Lanes, CB Potts, Chuy's, Macaroni Grill, Arapahoe Autotek, Inc., Donahue Paper Emporium, US Bank, Resolute Brewing, Benedict’s Restaurant, Golden Corral, Raising Cane's, Starbucks, Smashburger, Moneytreee, and many others.  Kelmore has historically retained ownership of many of its projects, although we have also sold projects to, and developed sites for, users including Manufactures Life, Southland Corporation, Litton Industries Western Geophysical Division, Brinker International, and United Artist Theater Circuit. Through in-house property management we maintain an efficient operation of our properties and a close working relationship with our tenants and users. Kelmore’s experience in developing, managing and operating commercial properties dates back to the early 70’s with its focus on projects in Colorado.


Kelmore ability to attract equity investment, coupled with highly competitive financing, plays a key role in our creation of low-cost, long-term lease programs for companies requiring larger projects.

Business Relationships


Often in today’s fast-paced business environment, trust and integrity are in short supply.  These qualities, however, are essential in the relationships we build among equity partners, lenders and clients.  Properly founded relationships are crucial to developing successful projects.  Kelmore prides itself on establishing and nurturing relationships between these groups – relationships that will stand the test of time and attendant changes in the financial marketplace.  We have worked hard to establish credibility in the marketplace, and this shows in our relationships with lenders, be they insurance companies, pension funds, commercial banks or individual investors. 

Community Service


A fully integrated development organization recognizes that its impact extends beyond mere land and buildings.  Mr. Siecke has taken an active role in providing regional traffic improvements to the southeast corridor as a board member of area metropolitan district and as acting chairman of the Joint Southeast Public Improvements Association, a consortium of eleven metro districts.  Mr. Siecke and Mr. Koontz are also involved in numerous community organizations.  It is Kelmore’s firm belief that the community must be enriched by our projects. 

Our Clients


At Kelmore, our clients success is the primary focus of our business.  Creating and maintaining efficient space that will help our clients achieve their goals is what we are ultimately about.

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